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We partner with our candidates and work as a team. It’s a friendly professional relationship that quite often leads to success. Lisa and Howard Chubinsky have the experience to understand a candidate’s resume, and present them with a current opportunity that will enhance their career, and propel them up the corporate ladder. We understand career progression, and can help guide you as you navigate through uncertain times. We take the time to understand what you want and need, and place that same effort into understanding what HR and the Hiring Manager are seeking in their new hire. Our “due diligence” is to understand what both the candidate and employer need. After we’ve truly studied and analyzed the candidate’s qualifications, in terms of how they fit the company’s requirements, the next step is easy. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the candidate and the open position fit. It sounds simple, but it takes time, effort, patience, and the skills of an experienced recruiting professional.


You can take comfort in knowing that many of our clients are repeat customers. We understand the skills they are looking for, so if we recruit you for one of their jobs, and pre-screen you as potentially qualified, that carries a lot of weight with the HR Corporate Recruiter and the Hiring Manager. They trust us because we know the skills and experience that they’re seeking. That’s because we’ve filled their jobs before. If we think that you’re qualified for a particular job at a repeat client, that gives your candidacy credibility.  It’s also why a lot of candidates choose to work with us.

For Corporations, we recruit for various types of Engineers, including but not limited to Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Mechanical Design Engineers, and Quality Engineers. We also recruit heavily to fill roles in manufacturing operations, including but not limited to Plant Managers, Lean, Quality, or Continuous Improvement Managers, Black Belts, Master Black Belts, Directors/VPs of Manufacturing Operations, Supply Chain, and various other roles. Whether you’re an Engineer, Manager, Director, VP, or SVP, we can and do place candidates like you in exciting and challenging professional roles.

Within Management Consulting, we recruit Change Management Consultants, who play a key role in ensuring Projects (Change Initiatives) achieve sustainable stated objectives on time and on budget. We also recruit Supply Chain Specialists to manage a scope of work within the Client Engagement, which includes comprehensive business reviews, operational assessments and solutions implementation. Additionally, we recruit Engagement Managers to manage all aspects of the project, and ensure that Consultants, Senior Consultants and Specialists achieve project results and deliverables according to schedule and within budget.

We place our candidates in diverse positions and provide personalized assistance to our job seekers. As a candidate we can assist you for direct hire roles, contract to direct hire positions, contracting, and consulting.